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QuackLang (Name thanks to metaldemon and Raimonds) is a C game development library. It's designed to abstract much of the complexity of developing and deploying in C and SDL. The ultimate goal is that developers will be able to write the same code, and then push it to most platforms (Windows, linux, Mac, Android, etc) and web (planning integration with Emscripten within a few months).

The codebase is pretty stable now, and it is now relatively ready for production use. Of course, there will be a few things missing as such, but you can expect most major features to be put in within a few months. (If you want to request a feature, then please open a new issue and request away! :3)

It is currently being developed (primarily) on a linux machine, with some windows testing (I have yet to try compiling it on a mac). It's lacking solid documentation as such (as in, it has a description of X function and what it does in QL.h, but nothing meatier like a wiki yet). But you can expect some more solid documentation within a month or two.