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Fix install script for new branches, where TRAVIS_COMMIT_RANGE is empty

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1 parent b30835e commit 87491bf6dcc72b482eb6246a7a94a26035f6da3d @zachriggle zachriggle committed Dec 22, 2016
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@@ -72,7 +72,13 @@ setup_android_emulator()
# If we are running on Travis CI, and there were no changes to Android
# or ADB code, then we do not need the emulator
if [ -n "$TRAVIS" ]; then
- if ! (git log --stat "$TRAVIS_COMMIT_RANGE" | grep -E "android|adb"); then
+ if [ -z "$TRAVIS_COMMIT_RANGE" ]; then
+ echo "TRAVIS_COMMIT_RANGE is empty, forcing Android Emulator installation"
+ elif ! git show "$TRAVIS_COMMIT_RANGE" ; then
+ echo "TRAVIS_COMMIT_RANGE is invalid, forcing Android Emulator installation"
+ elif (git log --stat "$TRAVIS_COMMIT_RANGE" | grep -iE "android|adb"); then
+ echo "Found Android-related commits, forcing Android Emulator installation"
+ else
# In order to avoid running the doctests that require the Android
# emulator, while still leaving the code intact, we remove the
# RST file that Sphinx searches.

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