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@@ -47,8 +47,12 @@ To be released on Dec 2, 2017.
+ Much better support for 64-bit Intel (amd64) ROP
+ ROP gadget selection is optimized to favor multi-pops instead of multiple single-pop gadgets
+ Added support for blacklisting byte values in ROP gadget addresses
- [#1049][1049] Enhancements to `cyclic`
+ `context` now has two additional attributes, `cyclic_alphabet` and `cyclic_length`, which correspond to the arguments `alphabet` and `n` to `cyclic()` and `cyclic_find()` and related routines.
+ The motivation for this change is to allow setting the `alphabet` globally, so that any padding / patterns generated internally to pwntools can be controlled. The specific motivation is blacklisting values in ROP padding.
## 3.10.0

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