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HALVM Example Applications
  - Copyright 2006-2008, Galois, Inc.
  - This software is distributed under a standard, three-clause BSD license.
  - Please see the file LICENSE, distributed with this software, for specific
  - terms and conditions.
  Author: Adam Wick <awick@galois.com>

Inside this directory you will find Galois's current line-up of example 
applications, demos, and test suites. Our hope is that you can use these
programs to gain insight into the breadth of potential applications, as
well as how different parts of the HALVM API are used.

The example programs are roughly categorized by type:

  - Applications: Contains small "whole program" examples of applications.
    Many of these examples contain code for multiple domains, which are then
    run together to provide some result. In the other cases, the examples
    provide some application interface to users.

  - IVC: These examples show how HaLVM domains can transfer information 
    between each other, using a variety of routines.

  - PseudoDevice: These examples show how the HaLVM can be used to create
    'psuedo-device drivers', or even, in the large, how they can be used to
    create back end drivers for real devices.

  - RealDevice: These examples show how one can use the built-in HaLVM 
    support for devices on the physical machine.

  - XenDevice: These examples show how one can use the built-in HaLVM 
    support for Xen-virtualized devices.

  - libIVC: These examples make use of the HaLVM/C IVC interface to 
    have Linux and HaLVMs speak to each other.

  - Misc: Examples that don't fit elsewhere.


Recent Xen deployments use oxenstore by default.  OXenStore enforces
restrictive permissions on the store that prevent IVC operations.  This is
trivial to disable by editing the configuration, usually
`/etc/xen/oxenstore.conf`, to include:

perms-activate = false