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The haskell network stack
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Latest commit 28e111a @ntc2 ntc2 Increate Xen memory allocations for echo servers.
This makes OOM crashes disappear for UDP test, and take
longer for TCP test.


The Haskell Network Stack.

Running Echo-Server Examples in Xen

You first need to set up a bridge device, br0; the echo servers are configured to use this bridge in Xen. The configuration files are udp-test/udp-test.config and tcp-test/tcp-test.config.

Assuming you are working in a Cabal sandbox at the top-level of the repo, and have done halvm-cabal install hans, you can run the TCP and UDP echo server examples with

sudo xl create -c ../udp-test/udp-test.config


sudo xl create -c ../tcpp-test/tcpp-test.config

where -c makes them print their log messages to standard out. They are configured to use DHCP and will log the IP address they receive after start up; they listen on port 9001.

You can then test them with NetCat, using

nc -u <ip addr> 9001

for UDP and

nc <ip addr> 9001

for TCP. Whatever you enter will be echoed back.

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