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Latest commit fc03139 Jan 9, 2013 @jamesjb jamesjb ArduCopter: Use 16-bit arithmetic when comparing event tick counters.
- On the ARM, once the tick counter wrapped, we stopped running events
  because the wraparound case wasn't being handled correctly.  Make
  sure the comparison is 16 bits to prevent this.
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Tools MS5611: Fix CONFIG_MS5611_SERIAL definitions. Jan 8, 2013


Building using arduino
To install the libraries:
 - copy Library Directories to your \arduino\hardware\libraries\ or arduino\libraries directory
 - Restart arduino IDE

 * Each library comes with a simple example. You can find the examples in menu File->Examples

Building using make 
 - go to directory of sketch and type "make".
 --type "make upload" to upload according to the parameters in .

Building using cmake
 - cd ArduPlane (ArduCopter etc ..)
 - mkdir build
 - cd build
 - cmake .. -DAPM_BOARD=mega -DAPM_PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0
    You can select from mega/mega2560.
    If you have arduino installed in a non-standard location you by specify it by using:
        -DARDUINO_SDK_PATH=/path/to/arduino ..
 - make (will build the sketch)
 - make ArduPlane-upload (will upload the sketch ArduPlane etc.)

    If you have a sync error during upload reset the board or power cycle the board
    before the upload starts.

Building using eclipse

    Getting the Source:

        assuming source located here: /home/name/apm-src
        You can either download it or grab it from git:
        git clone /home/name/apm-src

    Generating the Eclipse Project for Your System:
        mkdir /home/name/apm-build 
        cd /home/name/apm-build
        cmake -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ../apm-src -D BOARD=mega -D PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0

        Here apm-src can be any sketch, ArduPlane/ ArduCopter etc.

        Note: Unix can be substituted for MinGW/ MSYS/ NMake (for windows)

        input options:

            CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE choose from DEBUG, RELEASE etc.
            PORT is the port for uploading to the board, COM0 etc on windows. /dev/ttyUSB0 etc. on linux
            BOARD is your board type, mega for the 1280 or mega2560 for the 2560 boards.
            ARDUINO_SDK_PATH if it is not in default path can specify as /path/to/arduino
    Importing the Eclipse Build Project:

        Import project using Menu File->Import
        Select General->Existing projects into workspace:
        Browse where your build tree is and select the root build tree directory. 
        Keep "Copy projects into workspace" unchecked.
        You get a fully functional eclipse project

    Importing the Eclipse Source Project:
        You can also import the source repository (/home/name/apm-src) if you want to modify the source/ commit using git.

    Settings up Eclipse to Recognize PDE files:

         Window > Preferences > General > Content Types. This tree associates a
            filename or filename pattern with its content type so that tools can treat it
            properly. Source and header files for most languages are under the Text tree. 
            Add "*.pde" as a C++ Source.

		Right click on source project -> Properties -> Project References -> apm-build Project
        * Regenerating the eclipse source project file:
            cmake -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" -DECLIPSE_CDT4_GENERATE_SOURCE_PROJECT=TRUE /home/name/apm-src

Build a package using cpack
 - cd build
 - cmake ..
 - make package
 - make package_source

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