The Haskell File System: A file system implementation in Haskell
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The HAskelL File System

Intended to be used with HaLVM.


A library implementing a file system suitable for use in HaLVMs. Provides useful abstractions over the underlying block layer.

Get started

The main cabal package is the library compatible with HaLVM, called halfs. you may want to halvm-cabal build and halvm-cabal install it. Then you can find some examples in HaLVM's examples (examples/HighLevel/Halfs). Happy hacking!

Use halfs-test with Unix and Fuse

First, install HFuse package (with devel version) into your host OS with any package manager, for example:

yum install fuse fuse-devel

Go to test first.

Then go to deps/hfuse, cabal install the hfuse dependency. This package has an upstream.

Finally, go back to test again, cabal configure, then cabal build.

You can test it with test/dist/build/halfs-tests binary. There is also a CLI tool interfacing the HFuse as well (test/dist/build/halfs/halfs), but this tool seems a little incomplete.