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Ivory Model-Checker

This package provides a means of verifying Ivory programs using the CVC4 SMT-solver. We symbolically execute the Ivory program to produce a set of verification conditions, which we then check for validity using CVC4. Thus we can verify that Ivory procedures satisfy each others (and their own) contracts (requires and ensures), as well as user- or compiler-inserted assertions to guard against things like integer overflow.


We require a development version of CVC4 at the moment, anything since 2014-10-15 should work.

The main entry-point for this package is Ivory.ModelCheck.modelCheck:

modelCheck :: Args     -- ^ Options, e.g. verbosity, whether to inline function-calls, etc.
           -> [Module] -- ^ Modules we intend to call into
           -> Def p    -- ^ The procedure we wish to verify
           -> IO Result

The most important option is likely inlineCall, which determines how to handle inter-procedural analysis. The default is False, which means we will check the requires clauses and assume the ensures clauses; if set to True, we will symbolically execute the callee, which is more expensive but often more precise.

We also strongly recommend using this package with GHC 7.8.3, so you can enable our compiler plugin that adds source locations to Ivory's AST. The model-checker will use the source locations to provide more precise error messages.


The model-checker supports most Ivory statements and expressions, with the following caveats:

  • The model-checker will not accept any procedures that use forever loops or break statements. Most Ivory loops are statically bounded, so we just unroll them for the maximum number of iterations; but this tactic does not work for infinite loops or loops that can return early.
  • Floating-point arithmetic modeled extremely conservatively, i.e. we assume nothing about floating-point operations. If your module makes assertions about floating-point values, the model-checker will be unable to prove them.
  • Non-linear integer arithmetic is supported, but imprecise. We abstract the *, /, and % operators by assuming a few simple identities about them.
  • The inlineCall flag is designed to be used with non-recursive procedures only at the moment. The model-checker will probably enter an infinite loop if it tries to inline a recursive procedure. This restriction can be removed if there's interest.