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⚡ Developing the open source standard for bitcoin banking. ⚡

GaloyMoney is an open source project that aims to develop the standard for Bitcoin banking. Originally built as the foundation for the Bitcoin Beach Wallet, it has since attracted numerous open source contributors who work alongside Galoy's engineers. The platform includes infrastructure, backend, API, and frontend components essential for launching a Bitcoin bank.

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Getting started with Galoy is easy. Yet, there are so many things to learn and explore! We recommend to join and introduce yourself in the Galoy Chat. You can also view the developer docs site at


  1. galoy galoy Public

    bitcoin banking infrastructure

    TypeScript 338 127

  2. galoy-mobile galoy-mobile Public

    TypeScript 103 107

  3. charts charts Public

    Galoy helm charts

    HCL 28 24

  4. galoy-pay galoy-pay Public archive

    A web application that can be used to send tips or payments to users

    TypeScript 21 35

  5. galoy-infra galoy-infra Public

    Terraform modules to host galoy

    HCL 17 17

  6. stablesats-rs stablesats-rs Public

    Rust 28 24


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