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Python package for interacting with laboratory equipment over various buses.
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This project contains code to easily interact with laboratory equipment using various communication buses.

Supported means of communication are:

  • Galvant Industries GPIBUSB adapter
  • Serial
  • Sockets
  • VISA
  • USB TMC files (eg /dev/ttyTMC0)

All code in this repository is released under the AGPL-v3 license.

Usage Example

To open a connection to a generic SCPI-compatible multimeter using a Galvant Industries' GPIBUSB adapter:

>>> import instruments as ik
>>> inst = ik.generic_scpi.SCPIMultimeter.open_gpibusb('/dev/ttyUSB0', 1)

From there, various built-in properties and functions can be called. For example, the instrument's identification information can be retrieved by calling the name property:

>>> print

Due to the sheer number of commands most instruments support, not every single one is included in InstrumentKit. If there is a specific command you wish to send, one can use the following functions to do so:

>>> inst.sendcmd('DATA') # Send command with no response
>>> resp = inst.query('*IDN?') # Send command and retrieve response


Documentation Status

You can find the project documentation at our ReadTheDocs pages located at

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