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Urgh.... horrible mix of spaces and tabs in there )c:

Then you fix it?


Here is: $this->sit2 = $this->userarray['sit22'];
or: $this->sit2 = $this->userarray['sit2'];?


lthe two walk but I will remake the system to pass session by real session, and to do all the time making unnecessary requests

I would use and therefore certainly

$ session-> sit1 which would therefore be $ _SESSION ['sit1']

so as not to corrupt the current treatment so I did like her

all this will be recovered will be recovered only once and then not all the time

the update of the database will be when it'll be good to do, and will set a $ _SESSION updated accordingly

because it connects a member and has used up the cache to be quiet performance level

(i'm french sorry)




The &land link doesn't work because there's no logic in the 37.tpl to handle it and there's no oases view template either.

Can someone please supply me a screenshot of the oases view from a production Travian 3.x server?

This? =

If you want the source code of that page I send you from skype or email.

Yep, that's what I'm after. HTML source would be great. English the preferred language please. Anyone? GitHub msg will be fine.


What are you trying to achieve with the "Edit this yourself" section, I'm presuming it's to offset the time for your timezone?

Hard-coding this is not a good idea, as every time Generator.php is updated and sync'd, you have to edit the file again.

I'd suggest setting the correct server timezone in config.php ( using, as an example: date_default_timezone_set('Pacific/Auckland'); ) then have a per user setting to add/subtract their selected timezone differential to the number.


i had a error and fix it

i insert <?php on line 12

What do this: (($id>=19) ? "&id=".$id : "&id=0")

It allows the "follow me" links to work... so, if you're in a building in a village and you click on another village, you will go to the same building in the newly selected village

ok, thx

But why not (($id>=42) ? "&id=".$id : "&id=0")

then nothing would link at all... the >=19 caveat is so that only building links are maintained rather than field links ("building id's 1-18).

then the code is (($id>=18) ? "&id=".$id : "&id=0")
id 19 can have any build

no, the code is either >18 or >=19 .... 18 is a field (i.e. wood/clay/iron/crop).

We only want to parse the building id if it's a building.

ok, thx


need ?> at end of the file


Base HTML courtesy of derilevi, thanks!


This has changed the info box to incorrectly show the alliance name rather than the alliance tag. should be info_alliance_oasis.tag and should be alidata.tag

above fix committed.

need ?> in the end of the file?


lol when you look at an alliance is not the tag that you see that in fact I do not even know what it is has, but rather the name of the alliance is not it?

Definitely the alliance tag in "real" Travian... or at least, it is on


ok I did not know





keep on great job this team are making. tank´s for yours dedication :D

im testing your project , but you must make a tutorial to show the pepoll how this whorks and who to activate natars and oasis etc .. to some pepol realy belive this realy work but is not 100%completd.

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