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Example projects for the bs::framework
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Compile steps

  • Install git ( and CMake 3.12.4 or higher (
    • Ensure they are added to your PATH environment variable
  • Run the following commands in the terminal/command line:
    • git clone
    • cd bsfExamples
    • mkdir Build
    • cd Build
    • cmake -G "$generator$" ../
      • Where $generator$ should be replaced with any of the supported generators. Some common ones:
        • Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64 - Visual Studio 2017 (64-bit build)
        • Unix Makefiles
        • Ninja
        • Xcode
        • See all valid generators: cmake-generators
  • Build the project using your chosen tool
    • Build files are in the bsfExamples/Build folder
  • Run the examples
    • Example binaries are placed in the bsfExamples/Build/bin folder


  • Audio - Demonstrates how to import audio clips and use audio sources and listeners.
  • CustomMaterials - Demonstrates how to use custom materials that override vertex, surface and lighting aspects of the renderer.
  • Decals - Demonstrates how to project decal textures onto other surfaces.
  • GUI - Demonstrates how to use the built-in GUI system. Demoes a variety of basic controls, the layout system and shows how to use styles to customize the look of GUI elements.
  • LowLevelRendering - Demonstrates how to use the low-level rendering system to manually issue rendering commands. This is similar to using DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan, except it uses bs::framework's platform-agnostic rendering layer.
  • Particles - Demonstrates how to use the particle system to render traditional billboard particles, 3D mesh particles and GPU simulated particles.
  • PhysicallyBasedRendering - Demonstrates the physically based renderer using the built-in shaders & lighting by rendering an object in a HDR environment.
  • Physics - Demonstrates the use of variety of physics related components, including a character controller, rigidbodies and colliders.
  • SkeletalAnimation - Demonstrates how to import an animation clip and animate a 3D model using skeletal (skinned) animation.
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