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DropPoint - Make Drag 'n' Drop easier Twitter


Make drag-and-drop easier using DropPoint!

DropPoint helps you drag content without having to open side-by-side windows

Works on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Table of Contents

✨ Demo

Across maximized windows in the same desktop

Drag between windows

Across windows in different virtual desktops/workspaces

Drag between desktops

📦 How to Install (Normal Installation)

Go to the Releases Page to download the latest releases

  • Windows
    • Download from Releases and extract to a blank folder. Run DropPoint.exe.
    • To enable stickyness across Virtual Desktops (Windows) go to Task view while DropPoint is running, right click it and tick "Show Window from this app on all Desktops". Stickyness in other Operating Systems works by default.
  • Mac
    • Download DropPoint-1.x.x-intel.dmg or DropPoint-1.x.x-arm64-Apple-Silicon.dmg(for Apple M1 Devices only) from Releases and install. Open "System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Open Anyway"
  • Linux
    • All Linux Distros: Download DropPoint-1.x.x.AppImage to run.
    • Debian-based Distros (Ubuntu, Mint, PopOs, etc): Download droppoint_1.x.x_amd64.deb.
    • Arch-based Distros (Manjaro, Arch, etc.): Download droppoint-1.x.x.tar.gz
    • RHEL-based Distros (Fedora, Red Hat, etc): Download droppoint-1.x.x.x86_64.rpm.

✌️ Usage

  • Drag and drop any file(s) or folder from the system into DropPoint, go to your desired location and drag it out.
  • App minimises to tray by default when you close the instance. To open instance, click on system tray. To quit, right click on tray icon > Quit.
  • While DropPoint is in the system tray, pressing Shift + Caps Lock anywhere in your PC would create a new instance of DropPoint, at mouse location. (as tested on Windows and Linux) (the shortcut is Shift + Tab on MacOs)

⚙️ Developer Installation

You must have NPM and Git installed in your PC

  1. Clone repo and change into directory
    git clone
    cd DropPoint
  2. Install dependencies and run
     npm install
     npm start

⭐ Contribution

Contributions are welcome 😃.

Please do refer to our Contributing Guidelines and Pull Request Templates before making a Pull Request.

❤️ Credits

  • Project inspired from Dropover app in MacOS
  • For a Linux friendly and GTK-based alternative, checkout PyDrop