2D/3D level editor for GameMaker: Studio 1.4
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Or shortly just PEd, is a 2D/3D level editor for GameMaker: Studio 1.4, originally released by our team BlueBurn in 2014 as a paid extension. Now, on the sunset of GMS1.4, it's released for free, for everyone, forever!

Maintained by: kraifpatrik

Screenshot 2D Screenshot 3D

Table of Contents


  • Intuitive controlls
  • Change all room and views settings
  • Drag&drop objects into the level
  • Grid alignment
  • Set instance creation code
  • Move, rotate and scale instances
  • Set instance colour and alpha
  • Multiple selection
  • Copy selected instances
  • Tile editing
  • Resizable window and panels
  • Save and load rooms (*.room.gmx)
  • Level export and import (external file loadable on runtime, suitable for modding)


It can happen that PEd uses different variables for object transformations than you have in you project. So before starting to use PEd, we recommend you to check if the variables are matching, otherwise you would not be able to use the editor. To do so, go to Macros > Default and you should see a short list of constants. Each constants represents a variable.

Macro Description
PEd_VAR_POS_X Instance position on X axis
PEd_VAR_POS_Y Instance position on Y axis
PEd_VAR_POS_Z* Instance position on Z axis
PEd_VAR_ROT_X* Instance rotation around X axis
PEd_VAR_ROT_Y* Instance rotation around Y axis
PEd_VAR_ROT_Z Instance rotation around Z axis
PEd_VAR_SCALE_X Instance scale on X axis
PEd_VAR_SCALE_Y Instance scale on Y axis
PEd_VAR_SCALE_Z* Instance scale on Z axis
PEd_VAR_COLOUR Instance colour
PEd_VAR_ALPHA Instance alpha

List of automatically saved variables:

x, y, image_angle, image_xscale, image_yscale, image_blend, image_alpha

These variables are ALWAYS saved into the room file (both GM's native and external). Any other additional variable has to be written into instance's creation code. Writing variables into the creation code is done by PEd_instanceAutocompleteCode. Loading variables from creation code, which is necessary only for external "*.bbmap" room files (in GM's native rooms this is done automatically), is done in PEd_assignVariable. So if you make any changes to the constants, make sure that you have also rewritten variable names in those two scripts.

* - Additional variables, necessary only for 3D transformations. If you are using PEd for creating 2D levels, you can leave these constants as they are.



Controls Action
Alt Hold down to temporarily disable snapping to grid.
Ctrl+A Clear selection.
Ctrl+C Copy selected instanes/tiles.
Ctrl+E Export room.
Ctrl+F Switch drawing of the floor.
Ctrl+G Switch snapping to grid.
Ctrl+I Import room.
Ctrl+N Create new room.
Ctrl+O Open room.
Ctrl+S Save room.
Ctrl+Shift+S Save room as...
Del Destroy selected instances/tiles.
F10 Switch between Play and Editor.
F1 Show/hide debug.
F2 Switch between 2D/3D mode.
F3 Cycle between editing modes.
LMB Move pivot.
Num0..9 Set camera speed. The higher the number the faster will camera move.
Tab Cycle between tools.

3D mode

Controls Action
Arrow keys Look around.
MW Move camera.
RMB Look around.
W, S, A, D, Q, E Move camera.
Shift Hold down to move faster.

2D mode

Controls Action
Arrow keys Move camera.
MW Zoom camera.
Page Up/Page Down Zoom camera.
RMB Move camera.
Shift Hold down to move faster.

Object edit mode

Controls Action
Ctrl+LMB Add/remove instance to/from multiple selection.
LMB Select instance.

Tile edit mode

Controls Action
Ctr+LMB Create tile.
Ctr+RMB Delete tile on the mouse position.
LMB Select tile.
Shift+Ctrl+LMB Spawn tiles.
Shift+LMB Add/remove tile to/from multiple selection.

LMB - left mouse button

MMB - middle mouse button

MW - mouse wheel

RMB - right mouse button