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A high-end code editor for GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2
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This is an experimental open-source code editor for GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2 projects.

The intent is to have a code editor that supports common features (syntax highlighting, auto-completion, object event editing) while providing a familiar multi-tab editor interface. Such thing would be convenient for any situations where you want project files to be updated in a timely manner when saving (e.g. GMLive), but also for any large-scale projects where the whole popup window scheme doesn't really hold up anymore.

Maintained by: YellowAfterlife

Setting up

  • Download/clone the repository

  • Download a pre-built 4.x Electron binary and extract the files into bin/ directory (so that you have bin/electron.exe on Windows or bin/electron on Mac/Linux).

  • Build the project via haxe -cp src -js ./bin/resources/app/app.js -main Main -dce full or npm run compile (or open and run the included FlashDevelop/HaxeDevelop project)

    You'll need the latest release candidate version of Haxe 4 - Haxe 3 will not work out of box due to API changes between the two.

  • Run the compiled output with electron via npm start or just run the according Electron binary in bin/

Pre-built binaries

Stable binaries can be found on

Same page also houses screenshots and development log.


  • Programming language: Haxe
  • Code editor: Ace (with custom plugins)
  • Tab component: Chrome tabs (moderately edited)
  • Native wrapper: Electron
  • Light theme tree icons: Silk (slightly edited)
  • Dark theme tree icons: Font Awesome
  • zlib decompression: pako
  • Windows title bar color detection: this library


MIT license

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