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Uchain presets #39

miguel-negrao opened this Issue · 3 comments

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It would be nice to be able to save the current state of the uchain to a list of presets that would be stored with the chain. This would be just the values of all the arguments of all units/umaps. Then when we like a sound we could just hit save, and when playing that uchain again all the presets would be available to choose from in a drop down list. I wounder if it would be best to save them in UChain (perhaps named) or in the units. Probably better in uchain, to make sure that they are not changed after being saved.


This sounds to me a bit like the preset system that is already there. Only there the presets are system based (can be stored on the system you work on) instead of UChain based, and available globally (not only in the UChain you are working in). Perhaps this could be extended a bit? Also the UnitRack thing could work in this way, pehaps some fast buttons to select a bunch of units in your chain and copy them to a new UnitRack? In the current set of wfs unit racks there is also one that is only a single unit with an UMap attached (path player track).

Another thing that could work is to have it really unit/udef based; i.e. have a bunch of selectable default settings for each udef, and the option to add to that. One thing we have to be careful with though is what happens if you do this while playing. If only settings are changed it could work, but when attaching/de-attaching umaps or changing the order/contents of a UChain there can be open ends, and certainly it wouldn't play correctly..


Oh, I wasn't aware/didn't remember that there was already a preset system... my use case is to be working on a chain, liking the sound it is producing at the moment and wanting to save to that for future audition, and doing that many times over a session, then going back and listening to all the presets I saved. I think the current preset system already allows for that so I'm closing the issue.


still the idea of udef-based presets seems interesting to me. I could imagine each unit having a flip menu "settings", from where you could choose a setting for it's args. They could be stated at udef creation, and perhaps stored somewhere if the user adds to it. Settings could include UMaps. So for example I would add a 'sine' unit to my chain, and then in it's flip menu have a "default" setting, and a "simple fm" setting and a "sweep" (or whatever could be interesting as a starting point). Not sure if then the UMaps themselves also would have their own settings menu, although that could certainly also be interesting (for example the path editor with choice from a number of basic default shapes).

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