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This is a repo under development to create a cross-platform game server manager suite. Java was picked because it supports all platforms out of the box and is a personal favorite of Scarsz.


JavaGSM obviously requires Java, minimum Java 7. Java 7 is standard on all modern distros, you should be good to go from the get-go.

Windows: Download the latest build at and run it from cmd via java -jar JavaGSM.jar

Linux & OS X: Run curl -o JavaGSM.jar; chmod +x JavaGSM.jar. You can now run JavaGSM from ./JavaGSM.jar.


Know Java? Great! Create a new class file under com.gameservermanagers.JavaGSM.servers and create a method public static void install(File destination). It will be automatically linked to the main lists through reflection. All you have to do is get the server installed through install and you're good to go.

Don't know Java? Not a problem. You can contribute by helping report errors/bugs to the GitHub's issues page or by sending a donation to the developers either in the form of a Steam gift to get development for a specific game server going or sending some spare change through PayPal and get us a drink. The choice is yours.