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Game Server Config Files

Note: This repo is very new and currently missing most config files. More will be added over time.

This is a repo of config files designed to be a starting point for the setup of various game servers.

The Issue

Game server configs can be found on many different forums and websites. Some are better than others. There can also be misinformation, confusion or lack of information about what you need in a config file and how you should setup a game server.

Aim of This Repo

The aim of this repository is to put together config files for game servers and keep them as generic/vanilla and as standardized as possible. Providing all the important settings server admins need to get started with their game server and avoiding overcomplicating the configs.

What This Repo Provides

  • A basic server config with all the essential settings to get started with vanilla game server.
  • A list of all command variables for the vanilla game servers.

What Do You Mean by Vanilla/Generic?

A vanilla/generic server is unchanged from what the game developer intended. It excludes mods or major tweaks to the server settings that are found in a custom server. The exception to this would be any widly accepted settings that improve the permormance or are commonly used.

How to contribute

There are many different game servers many of which are different. If you run a game server and wish to improve a config please fork this repo and do a PR or if you are not used to Git raise an issue with your changes so it can be added.