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Replace ./gameserver with the actual script name. Every command has a short version, also listed here.

Global commands list

Command Name Command Short
Install ./gameserver install ./gameserver i
Auto Install ./gameserver auto-install ./gameserver ai
Start ./gameserver start ./gameserver st
Stop ./gameserver stop ./gameserver sp
Restart ./gameserver restart ./gameserver r
Details ./gameserver details ./gameserver dt
Post Details ./gameserver postdetails ./gameserver pd
Backup ./gameserver backup ./gameserver b
Update LinuxGSM ./gameserver update-lgsm ./gameserver ul
Monitor ./gameserver monitor ./gameserver m
Test Alert ./gameserver test-alert ./gameserver ta
Update ./gameserver update ./gameserver u
Check Update ./gameserver check-update ./gameserver cu
Force Update ./gameserver force-update ./gameserver fu
Validate ./gameserver validate ./gameserver v
Console ./gameserver console ./gameserver c
Debug ./gameserver debug ./gameserver d

Specific commands

Teamspeak server

Command Name Command Short
Change Password ./gameserver change-password ./gameserver pw

Unreal & Unreal 2 Engine Games

Command Name Command Short
Map Compressor ./gameserver map-compressor ./gameserver mc

Developer & Debug commands

Command Name Command Short
Developer ./gameserver developer ./gameserver dev
Detect Dependencies ./gameserver detect-deps ./gameserver dd
Detect Glibc ./gameserver detect-glibc ./gameserver dg
Detect ldd ./gameserver detect-ldd ./gameserver dl
Query Raw ./gameserver query-raw ./gameserver qr
Clear Functions ./gameserver clear-functions ./gameserver cf