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Common scripts for sharing across the aws resources creation pipelines
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aws.resources.scripts.pim see changelog


A common repository of bash-shell scripts for sharing across all of PIM's aws resources creation apps to enforce consistency of naming and one-source-of-the-truth. The proper way to use/include this repo is:

  • package and publish to an artifact repository via an automated CI/CD pipeline
  • fetched from that repository in a Dockerfile build
  • used via/in that Docker image.


Visual Studio Code is the recommended editor, though you are free to use what you like. The project is set up to make life easy for VS Code-wielding developers.

For Windows developers we also recommend GitBash that comes with Git for Windows; customize your Visual Studio Code to use that bash shell via it's settings thusly:

  • "": "C:\Program Files\Git\bin\bash.exe"

These bash-shell scripts are kind of meaningless without an aws infrastructure/resources project.

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