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OpenGL ES 3.0 Deferred Renderer

This is a sample demonstrating how to create a deferred renderer on OpenGL ES 3.0 devices. The sample shows off three differerent renderers: forward rendering, deferred lighting and deferrred shading.

Building the code


There's a makefile in projects/android/ used to simplify calling all the Android build commands.

  1. Run make init to call android update project, updating the project for your environment
  2. make all will call both ndk-build and ant debug
  3. make install to install the sample onto your device
  4. make run runs the installed executable
  5. make kill stops the executable

Running the Sample

The sample has a few important controls:

  • 1 finger pan - rotate camera
  • 2 finger pan - pan camera (forward, backward, strafe)
  • Tap top left quadrant - cycle between different renderers (forward, deferred lighting and deferred rendering)
  • Tap bottom left quadrant - toggle the movement of the lights
  • Tap top right quadrant - tobble between native device resolution and 720p

Known Issues

  • Toggling resolution on certain Android devices leads to inconsistant screen size.