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Banner Discord bot of legend

How to run

Make sure you have node and npm installed. Clone the repostiory and run "npm install" to get all the dependencies and stuff.

Add a file called config.json in the top level folder with the following format:

	"prefix": "!",
	"token": "Token Here"

If you want the token, either text or email me. Replace the "Token here" with the actual token, making sure it's in quotes.

Simply open a command prompt and run the command "node bot.js" to get the bot online.

Command List

  • help: Gets this command list
  • noice: Sends a noice message and an emoji with it
  • server: Returns server and member information
  • ansh: Sends a hardcoded message
  • megamoto: Sends emojis of Moto Moto from Madagascar
  • headout: Sends the "ight imma head out" gif from Spongebob
  • insult @user: Insults the mentioned user
  • botclean: Cleans all bot messages and commands from the channel
  • prune {n}: Deletes the last n messages from the channel
  • horn: plays an airhorn sound in the voice channel
  • ohyeah: plays Vector saying "Oh yeah" from Despicable Me
  • getover: plays the "just gotta get over" voice clip
  • donkey: plays Gordan Ramsay saying the donkey clip
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