Gaboze Pocaio is a Game Boy Zero Pocket All In One board
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Where Can I Buy One

You can purchase an assembled Gaboze Pocaio on Tindie


Gaboze Pocaio - Pocket All In One

Raspberry Pi Zero based arcade in you pocket, and in your Gameboy Pocket


  • 2.4" TFT LCD
  • Gameboy button layout interface
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Battery Charger (TP4056 Module)
  • Headphone Jack (LM4857)
  • Speaker capability (LM4857)


The boards have been tested with the following platforms:

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Building this yourself? Read the Wiki


The source files have been officially released. Check out the Files and build away

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Plus Edition

This is a 2.6" TFT version of the Gaboze Pocaio. The Gerber Files are in the Plus folder

Top Bottom Prototype Shot
Overview Front PCB Back PCB Screen Layout OSH


So you want to add your own components?

Check out the Gaboze Pocaio Extension Boards These are available in the gerber folder

Auxiliary Board

**Features **

  • Power Indicator LED
  • Volume Thumbwheel Potentiometer
  • Power Input Pins
  • Power + Potentiometer Output Pins
Top Bottom Physical


Button + Audio Board

**Features **

  • LM4875 Audio Amp
  • Headphone Jack
  • 4/8 Ohm Speaker Output
  • Power + PWM + Potentiometer Input Pins
  • Button Pad Output Pins
Top Bottom Physical


Upgrade to 2.6"

So you want to upgrade your screen size?

Here's the perfect daughter board solution These are available in the gerber folder

**Features **

  • Upgrade your display to a 2.6"


  • You WILL NEED to update your Raspberry Pi image with the ILI9342 driver
  • If you choose to get a PCB made, make sure it's 0.6mm thickness (optimal is 0.4mm but it will be expensive)
Top Bottom Physical

source gerber

Cartridge Shell

So you want to print your own cartridge battery holder

Cartridge Shell
download stl

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