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Releases: Gamer2020/PokemonGameEditor

Pokemon Game Editor 3.8.1!

13 May 18:59
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Long story short, I'm only doing this release because people don't seem to understand to download the latest beta even though it's written in big letters.

A few fixes are included in this version. To see what, look at the commits.

Pokemon Game Editor 3.8!

17 Jan 01:43
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PGE has been updated to version 3.8! Several bug fixes have been implemented. Version 3.8 also contains a Trainer Editor.

Pokemon Game Editor 3.7!

22 Apr 10:31
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Notable additions are a trade editor and a Pokedex list editor. The move table hack has also been ported to Emerald. Also fixed a couple of bugs. Happy hacking!

Pokemon Game Editor 3.6!

03 Apr 04:44
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I was away for a month or so without internet. In that time I continued to work on PGE. There are a lot of new things in this version.

The Attack adder has been updated. I've completed Jambo51's move table hack for Fire Red and made it so the Attack adder installs it. I still have yet to port the hack to Emerald.

The Pokemon adder works for English Fire Red. I made it add Pokemon the same way that it's done in DoesntKnowHowToPlay's tutorial in order to remain consistent with what others may have already done. If any problems occur with the Pokemon adder please let me know. Unlike G3HS, cries and other things are expanded correctly by PGE. I advise not using G3HS to add more Pokemon.

When an offset is missing from the ini, PGE will now dump text to a file named errors.txt letting you know what offset is missing and for what ROM. I may expand on this in the future.

Improved importing and exporting of data. Attacks, Abilities, and Pokemon can be exported and imported as inis. It is now handled better than in older versions.

I fixed the Pokedex data editor because it seems it wasn't loading some data properly.

I've added a Pokedex tab to the Pokemon Editor. Even though I feel they should be seperate I mainly added it because I want Pokedex data to be included when you export Pokemon Data.

I made it so that the Pokedex tab shows you how big the sprites will be in the size compare. I will make it show where the sprites will be onscreen once I figure out the formula for it. Bulbapedia is wrong when it comes to the Pokedex data.

Added the item use animation (FR/LG) bytes to the Pokemon Editor.

Added editing of the in battle sprite positions. Has the preview from Advance Series. (Loading of all the Pokemon data seems slow now. Eventually I will have to come back and optimize things.)

Pokemon sprites can be imported and exported. The format is the same as Advance Series. The importing and exporting of the animations from Emerald are handled better than in Advance Series.

Pokemon Icons can now be imported and exported. Advance Series compatible as well.

Pokemon Footprints can be imported and exported.

Other Miscellaneous fixes and additions.

Pokemon Game Editor 3.5!

14 Feb 16:26
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Rushed released! Notable additions are the habitat editor and the ability adder. I've also started the Pokemon adder but it is still missing things. I marked the attack adder as beta since it seems the move table hack is incomplete.

Pokemon Game Editor 3.4!

26 Jan 07:28
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Several things have been improved and some new stuff has been added. The program is now capable of adding more moves to a Fire Red and Emerald. (Jambo51's move table hack has not been ported yet for Emerald.) All the descriptions for stuff like attacks, items, and etc are editable again. I've added an egg move editor. Also the program has been made a little more graphically appealing. Enjoy!

Pokemon Game Editor 3.3!

02 Dec 23:25
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I've added the battle tents to the battle frontier editor. There are also a bunch of other small additions.

Pokemon Game Editor 3.2!

05 Nov 19:57
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I've added some things. This release was kind of rushed since I don't have time to work on this.

Pokemon Game Editor 3.1!

24 Dec 18:54
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Some new things added. I've been busy with college or else I'd be more active with this.

Happy holidays!

Pokemon Game Editor 3.0!

06 Sep 23:16
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This is the release of version 3.0 of Pokemon Game Editor! The program is open source once again and in a better way than was done on the 0xRH site. This time around Pokemon Game Editor should have more than one person working on it at once thanks to Github!

Thank you to all of the people that have supported Pokemon Game Editor throughout the years! Expect more features in the future!