External Storage support

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#External Storage Support

##Introduction Gamesome currently does not support boxart download to folders that are located on external SD cards, USB drives and so on.

I haven't opted for this solution to make development easier, nor to make users' life harder :-)

There's plenty of articles explaining why and how Google decided to restrict access to external storage devices starting from Android KitKat. There are also complex workarounds that are unstable and not 100% reliable on every device. Google has however provided a solution for this problem.

##Application Data Directories On Android, each application can have its own directory to store important data. If you use a file manager and explore the storage of your device, you'll notice that both on internal memory and external SD there's a folder named Android, this is a special folder where Android grants write privileges for each app, in separate directories.

Each app can decide to store its data in here: you should find, for instance the Gamesome's folder:


##The Solution As soon as this feature is developed and released, you'll be able to move all of your data inside this special private folder, you will be able to choose between the "special" folder on internal or external storage, saving precious space on your internal memory :-)

##Side Effects Gamesome has always saved its data in the Gamesome folder, located in the root folder of the internal storage of the device. This prevented users from losing all their covers when they uninstalled and reinstalled the app. In fact, the private app data inside the Android folder gets deleted together with Gamesome when you decide to uninstall it.

##Conclusion A solution to backup all the boxarts, profiles and configurations implemented.

Remember to use it before uninstalling! :-)