Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Gamesome better than the other front-ends available for Android?

A: I think that all the front-ends are amazing, not just Gamesome. A big plus for Gamesome is that it's free, the available platforms and emulators can be customized, as well as the choice of a scraping service.

Q: How big is the team behind Gamesome?

A: It's always been just one person, me (Vektor, I still don't have a personal website 🙁 ). It all started as a hobby project during university, but it gave me the possibility to grow lots of skills that I'm taking advantage of in my current job.

Q: Is Gamesome open source?

A: Currently it isn't, but I really want to make the code available for everyone someday in the future, at least part of it.

Q: Why are updates not frequent as they used to be?

A: There are two main reasons for this:

  1. I'm not a student anymore, this means that I have little or no time to upkeep the project like I did before I started working (Gamesome is not a full-time job, earnings are not that high 🙂).
  2. Gamesome 2 has a core which is more stable and reliable than its previous versions, there's no need to roll out weekly updates like in the past.

Q: Why isn't the emulator [emulator name here] supported?

A: I'll try to explain it easily. Android emulators are not coded by me, they can be coded in such a way that they take commands from 3rd party applications, or they can be coded in such a way that they can't receive commands from other apps. If emulators don't accept commands from the "outside", Gamesome can't communicate with them. Next time you want me to add an emulator, contact emu developers before complaining with me 😄.

Q: I've just downloaded Gamesome and I can't find any emulators/games!

A: Gamesome just manages the games you already have downloaded and allows you to execute them on the emulators that you have already installed! Gamesome isn't a rom downloader nor an emulator!

Q: I think there's a bug in Gamesome, how can I reach you out?

A: The best way to contact me is using GitHub issues, it is more preferable than using emails, because you can see if a problem has already been reported and if there's already a fix/answer.

Q: Scrapers can't find my games!

A: Gamesome, as most of the front-ends out there, relies on 3rd party services (e.g. TheGamesDB) to get metadata for games. You should really check the presence of that game in the game list of that service.

Q: I don't like that scraping only works online, I'd like to recognize my games offline as well!

A: In order to contact a remote service, you have to be online. I can do better apps, but I can't do miracles, sorry 😄.

Q: I can't remove ads on my Amazon/Ouya device

A: Gamesome is only compatible with Google Play Store. Amazon discourages the distribution of emulators and emulation-related apps on its app store, while Ouya is a niche device which I don't own. You can install Google Play Services on your devices, but it's a procedure I don't recommend.

Q: I have a GPD/JXD/Archos device, and I see ads even after I purchased the pro version

A: Unfortunately, on those devices there is an issue with the Google Play Services. Contact me so that we can understand together how to make it work.

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