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Gamocosm works with a lot of moving parts to automate hosting with cloud servers. Although we do our best to make Gamocosm as robust as possible, things may go wrong. Some people may want to try to fix things themselves, if they know there's only a simple error. This page documents the fields under the "Advanced" tab.


The default value is 4022 (see Additional info for server admins for the reasoning). The first time a server starts, Gamocosm always connects on port 22 (the default for SSH). Gamocosm will edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config to listen on this port. You can see everything Gamocosm does to set up a server in app/workers/setup_server_worker.rb. During future starts, Gamocosm will use this value to SSH.

For example, if you don't want Gamocosm to change the default SSH port, update this field to 22 before starting it.

If you want to change the port on an existing server, first read the instructions on Additional info for server admins. Do that, then update the value on Gamocosm.


Used to show the status messages when starting a server, and to know when a server has finished setting up. As of 2014 October 25, the finished value is 5.


Keeps track of whether Gamocosm is busy doing something with a server (e.g. starting it, stopping it, backing it up, etc.). When this field is not empty, Gamocosm will show the "busy" page. Empty this field if you know the background workers have failed and you want to stop the refresh cycle/fix the server yourself.


If not empty, Gamocosm creates the server from this snapshot, and deletes it if it is successful. If empty, Gamocosm creates the server from the vanilla fedora-20-x64 image.


Used when creating servers.


Used when creating servers.


Used for authentication with the Minecraft Server Wrapper. Gamocosm generates a password for each new server (saved in Gamocosm's database). On each actual server, this is saved in /opt/gamocosm/mcsw-auth.txt. You can view the contents while SSH-ed with cat /opt/gamocosm/mcsw-auth.txt, or you can download the file with SCP/FTP.

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