Report, track and discuss issues in the Adobe AIR/Flash Runtimes. Monitored by Adobe, maintained by the Starling community.
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This project acts purely as an issue tracker for bugs and feature requests connected to the Adobe AIR and Flash runtimes. It does not contain any source code.

The official Adobe Tracker is rather cumbersome and limited. For example, it's really hard to search through tickets, so bugs often get reported repeatedly; as a result, they often don't get the attention they deserve.

With this alternative tracker, the Starling Framework community can better discuss issues and make sure Adobe knows what's relevant for us. It's not intended to replace the official bug tracker, but to complement it.

I found a bug in the runtime! What do do?!

First of all, use the search feature to find out if somebody already reported a similar issue.

a) This issue was already reported.

  • Vote for that issue. To do that, click on the "Add your reaction" button at the top of the issue description and click on the 👍 symbol.
  • If possible, provide additional information by adding a comment.
  • Important: also head over to the respective Adobe Tracker issue (there should be a link in the GitHub issue) and add your vote there, too.

b) This is a new issue.

  • Create a new issue in this repository.
  • A template will pop up that will help you collect all necessary information.
  • Only a problem that can be reproduced has a chance of being fixed! Thus, create a minimal sample and provide all the information needed to get it running.
  • I can't stress this enough: the easier you make it for Adobe to recreate the problem, the higher your chances of a fix!

When you are finished, head over to Adobe Tracker and try to find similar issues. Then:

  • Either vote for existing issues, or create a new one (with all the information you just added here).
  • Make sure that the GitHub issue contains links to the Adobe Tracker issue(s), and the other way round.