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Releases: Gamua/Starling-Framework


27 Jul 14:59
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It's been a while, but we're still alive and flapping!

Starling 2.7 contains, among others, the following enhancements:

  • Updated scaffold project for modern mobile requirements, like adaptive icons, the Android resource folder (res), iOS launch screen storyboard, notch support, etc.
  • The statistics display shows the number of skipped frames (simplifying performance optimizations).
  • Now supporting distriqt's AIR Package Manager!
  • Added project files for Visual Studio Code.
  • Several optimizations and fixes.

Please have a look at the CHANGELOG for a complete list of changes!


11 Feb 13:36
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Say hello to Starling 2.6! This release

  • adds the new ButtonBehavior class, which makes it easy to let arbitrary display objects work just like Starling buttons (with TRIGGERED events, button states, enforcing a touchable size, etc).
  • adds inner and knockout properties to the DropShadow- and GlowFilter-classes.
  • makes DisplayObject.drawToBitmapData support sizes that are bigger than the current back buffer / stage.

Get the details in the accompanying blog post!


03 Apr 09:17
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Adds a quick fix for a null reference exception that occurred when the StatsDisplay was enabled before Starling was initialized.


02 Apr 13:27
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The main features and changes of this version:

  • System gestures on mobile are now automatically recognized and discarded (swiping from the edge of the screen to bring up notifications etc).
  • Bezier Easing, just like in CSS, with the new BezierEasing class.
  • Objects that are part of the native overlay now block touch and mouse input, just like Starling display objects would.
  • An extended Touch API, simplifying e.g. custom gesture handling.
  • The new AssetManager uses up much less memory.
  • The DisplacementMapFilter has an extended API, now allowing effects like shock waves.

Head over to the Gamua Blog to find out all the details!


04 Jun 12:06
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The focus of this release: a complete rewrite of the AssetManager. The new version, to be found in the starling.assets package, is almost identical in its usage, but provides lots of possibilities for customization. Define your own asset types, set up custom factory logic, fine-tune the loading process — you name it!

Furthermore, this release introduces support for the new export format of Adobe Animate CC via a brand new extension.

Find out all about the new version on the Gamua Blog!


18 Dec 13:31
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This update provides a big improvement of the distance field style (including support for multi-channel textures) and many internal enhancements of text-related APIs.

At the same time, several new Starling extensions were newly released and/or upgraded.
Head over to the Gamua Blog to find out more!


27 Jun 13:28
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The first release of 2017 includes dozens of small enhancements that aim to get things done more efficiently. Among other features, it adds support for inverted masks, a more efficient blur filter, automatic setup for scale9 grids, and the ominous Field Agent.

Want details? Just head over to the Gamua blog: Starling 2.2


23 Sep 09:19
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This release adds a lot of polishing to Starling 2. I fixed all problems that were reported since the last release, optimized the code in several places, and tried to make it as reliable as possible.

The major new feature is the DistanceFieldStyle, which allows to scale bitmap fonts to an arbitrary size without compromising rendering quality. Furthermore, this release supports custom text compositors and extends the statistics display by showing the graphics memory that's currently in use.

Find out about all the details in the gamua blog: Starling 2.1


28 Apr 12:41
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This is a maintenance release that fixes several small issues reported after the 2.0 release.


19 Apr 07:39
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The final release of Starling 2, bringing the framework to a whole new level. Compared to the beta, this release contains lots of bug fixes and performance enhancements, as well several additional new features.

Remember: this release breaks compatibility with the 1.x line!