A Gatsby v2 starter based on Grommet v2 UI. Demo:
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Gatsby Starter Blog Grommet

GatsbyJS v2 starter for creating a blog. Based on Grommet v2 UI.

Demo: ganevru.github.io/gatsby-starter-blog-grommet


  • Gatsby v2
  • Grommet v2 UI
  • Easily configurable - see site-config.js in the root
  • Switch between grommet themes - dark, hpe and grommet (default)
  • Blog posts previews in card style (with a picture-cover or without)
  • Responsive Design, optimized for Mobile devices
  • styled-components for style


  • switch between dark and light themes (most likely with Redux)
  • transition to TypeScript


The best place to start using Gatsby: Gatsbyjs.org/tutorial/part-one

Install Gatsby cli (if you have not already):

npm install --global gatsby-cli

Download and install:

gatsby new blog-grommet https://github.com/Ganevru/gatsby-starter-blog-grommet
cd blog-grommet

Running in development:

gatsby develop