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Gang Garrison 2

A Team Fortress 2 Demake

Created by mrfredman, MedO, and Synnah

GameJolt Gang Garrison 2 Forum Discord
Latest Release License MPL 2.0

Two feuding, quasi-legal freelance security and espionage firms endlessly square off against each other in treacherous battlegrounds in an attempt to acquire each other's deepest secrets. A demake of a 3D game in 8-bit, side-scrolling style.


  1. Meet The Controls
  2. Meet The Classes
  3. Meet The Gameplay Guide
  4. Meet The Maps
  5. Meet The Menu
  6. Meet the Tips
  7. Meet The Credits and Information

Meet The Controls:

W Jump
A Run Left
S Drop Down a Platform
D Run Right
Mouse Cursor Aim
Left Mouse Button Fire Weapon
Right Mouse Button Use Special Ability
F Taunt
B Drop Intel
E Call for a Healer
Z Chat Menu (Emotes)
X Chat Menu (Interests)
C Chat Menu (Commands)
N Open Team Menu
M Open Class Menu
(hold) Left Shift Show Scoreboard
F9 Screenshot
F10 Reset Window
F12 Mute Sound
ESC Open In-Game Menu

Spectator Controls:

W Scroll Camera Up
A Scroll Camera Left
S Scroll Camera Down
D Scroll Camera Right
Numpad +/- or Mouse buttons Scroll through the players

All controls can be remapped in Options->Controls.

Meet The Classes:

  • Meet The Runner:
    Quick as the wind, the Runner excels in recovering objectives!
    He can double jump in mid-air!
    Hit Points: 100
    Weapon: Scattergun
    Special abilities:
    Double-Jump - Jump again while in the air!

  • Meet The Firebug:
    Get close to your foe and burn him!
    Push enemies and projectiles away with a burst of air!
    Hit Points: 120
    Weapon: Flamethrower
    Special abilities:
    Airblast - Right-click to blow away enemies, reflect rockets and mines!
    Airblast can also blow afterburn off your teammates!
    Afterburn - Even touching your enemy with fire will make him feel the heat!
    Continuous damage over time! Firebug is immune to afterburn!
    Flare - Use your Airblast while shooting to create a fireball!

  • Meet The Rocketman:
    Strong yet graceful, he can launch himself skyward with his rockets as well as do damage!
    Hit Points: 160
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    Special abilities:
    Rocket-Jump - Fire at your feet when you jump to reach great heights!

  • Meet The Overweight:
    A mammoth of a man, carrying a heavy weapon that will shred enemies! He can sure eat, too!
    Hit Points: 200
    Weapon: Minigun
    Special abilities:
    Manvich - Right-Click to eat a tasty Manvich to fill your belly and recover all HP!
    Your Manvich has a cooldown so make sure you choose a good time to eat.

  • Meet The Detonator:
    A master of explosives, the Detonator can shoot sticky mines to any surface and set them off!
    Hit Points: 120
    Weapon: Minegun
    Special abilities:
    Detonate Mines - Right-click to detonate all of your mines at once!

  • Meet The Healer:
    His all-purpose healing gun can both heal a teammate from afar and rain syringes on foes!
    Hit Points: 120
    Weapon: Needlegun
    Special abilities:
    Healing - Heal a teammate with a beam by holding the Left Click!
    Superburst - Charge your Superburst then Right-Click while holding
    Left-Click to make a team-mate invincible and get infinite ammo!
    Needlegun - Hold right click to shoot a gun of your own!
    Passive Regeneration - You recover health slowly over time!

  • Meet The Constructor:
    A brilliant inventor, the Constructor can build autoguns that shoot anything they see!
    Hit Points: 120
    Weapon: Shotgun
    Special abilities:
    Build Tool - Right-click to build or destroy an autogun!
    Each autogun costs 100 Nuts and Bolts to make.
    Passive Regeneration - You recover Nuts and Bolts slowly over time!

  • Meet The Infiltrator:
    A master assassin who can slip into combat unseen and deliver a fatal strike with his knife!
    Hit Points: 100
    Weapon: Revolver
    Special abilities:
    Cloak - Right-click to become invisible to foes! Right-click again to come out of cloak!
    Stab - Left-click while invisible to stab! A successful stab is guaranteed to kill!
    Passive Invisibility - Even if you aren't cloaked, enemies can't see you as long as they aren't looking directly at you!

  • Meet The Rifleman:
    Armed with his trusty rifle and dead aim, his zoom scope allows him to attack from afar.
    Hit Points: 120
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle
    Special abilities:
    Charge - Use Right-Click to toggle between scoping in and out!
    While scoped in, damage will increase with time!

  • Meet The Secret Character:
    There is totally no secret character to speak of. None. And you can Quote us on that.

Meet The Gameplay Guide

Connect to a server by opening the lobby and join a server by clicking its name. The lobby will show the current map, number of players, and IP of servers running. Alternatively, you can manually join a server if you know their IP and their forwarded port.

There are six gameplay modes:

  • Capture the Flag
  • Control Point
  • Arena
  • Generator
  • King of the Hill
  • Dual King of the Hill

Choose a team, RED or BLU, or select AutoSelect and let us choose your team for you. Press N to change your team, or to Spectate and watch the action! Keep in mind you tie up a player slot on the server as a spectator!

Press M to open the Class Menu and choose your class. Choose option 0 to let us pick a class that might suit you!

The Heads-Up Display on your screen shows your class, the time left in the map, your team, your ammunition, and your current health. All classes (except for the rifleman) have ammunition that replenishes over time. Certain classes will also have HUDs unique to them. Depending on the game mode, the HUD will display the locations and status of the intels (Capture the Flag), the status of the Control Points (Control Point), the number of players left and the status of the Arena Point (Arena), the health of the Generators (Generator), or the team-specific countdown timers and the status of the KotH Point (King of the Hill).

The scoreboard shows the current score of every player. It also displays the name of the current server and map.

  • Capture the Flag: Find the opposing team's intel and return it to where yours usually sits to score a point. Score a certain number of points to win the round!

  • Control Point:

    • Standard - Capture all the Control Points to win the match.
    • Attack/Defend - RED Team must capture all the Control Points to win, and BLU Team must prevent RED from doing so.
  • Arena: There is no respawning in this mode, and the last team standing wins the round. If neither team finishes the other off, then there is a control point you can capture to win the round. Round wins are cumulative and the team with the most rounds won at the end wins the match.

  • Generator: An original mode exclusive to Gang Garrison 2. Both teams have a special generator which are the objectives of the map. A team must keep their generator running and destroy the enemy generator to win.

  • King of the Hill: There exists a lone control point in the center of the map. Both teams compete to take control to start their countdown. First team to hold onto the point for 3 full minutes is victorious.

  • Dual King of the Hill: An original mode exclusive to Gang Garrison 2. Teams must hold control of both control points to run their timer down. Capturing the enemy control point will secure your own until the enemy can take it back. First team to hold complete control for 3 minutes wins.

Meet The Maps

The Official Maps:

To run a server using only these maps, open gg2.ini and make sure no custom map list is specified (MapRotation= under [Server] should be left blank). To change the order the maps are played, change the numbers next to the map names; the maps will play in numerical order from least to greatest. Place a zero next to a map to ignore it.

  1. ctf_truefort by fishmatt
    This classic layout emphasizes good flagrunning and being able to evade a strong defense! The colorful rural scenery hides two industrial strongholds.

  2. ctf_2dfort by Vaati
    A simple layout designed for fast games and tactical decisions. Don't neglect the lower route!

  3. ctf_conflict by agh
    This battleground is filled with varied terrain and odd angles! Watch out, there are many places to hide and swipe the intelligence when no one will notice.

  4. ctf_classicwell by fishmatt
    A nostalgic scenario with an industrial flavor, there are multiple routes around these imposing complexes but only a few ways in and out. Keep an eye on the upper route!

  5. ctf_waterway by Taters
    This trainyard sits atop a canal. The adjacent buildings house two warring factions. Keep your cool and watch for snipers, it's a long clear shot back to your base.

  6. ctf_orange by king metroid
    Looming under the shadow of a large central tower, two groups plot each other's demise. Climb the tower to drop down on unsuspecting opponents!

  7. cp_dirtbowl by Vaati
    Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, BLU is ready to launch it's secret weapon at RED's base within Mt. Dirtbowl. RED must push forward while BLU must hold them off on three map fronts in this control point attack style map.

  8. cp_egypt by Tarzan
    Under the blazing desert sun, RED and BLU battle to control an antiquated city. Fight to maintain a hold on all five control points in this majestic CP map.

  9. arena_lumberyard by Faust
    Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, BLU has made an attack on an important RED lumberyard. You can shoot through some of the floors!

  10. arena_montane by Taters and agh
    Somewhere in the forests, RED and BLU fight for supremacy over an important propaganda radio transmitter. Sticking with the team is best!

  11. gen_destroy by agh
    In the first ever generator map for Gang Garrison, RED and BLU must destroy the others' power generator while keeping their own running!

  12. koth_valley by agh
    An abandoned spytech base conveniently concealed within a mountain range becomes a hotspot for waging battle. RED and BLU butt heads to take control over the technology left behind.

  13. koth_corinth by BassieEnAdrian and McGenio
    An arms carrier is leaving a major port, but both RED and BLU have plans to seize the weapons. Duke it out on the shipyard to discover who will obtain the goods.

  14. koth_harvest by Wherewolf
    A community-made arena map gone official! RED and BLU fight for control of an abandoned farmyard. It is unknown what significance this location holds to both factions, but fear keeps invesigators from delving any further.

  15. dkoth_atalia by Wareya
    A community-made Generator map that was converted for DKotH. It's advised to take over the central complex to gain the advantage for when making an assault on the enemy control point.

  16. dkoth_sixties by Ozoh
    A close quarters industrial map. Use the twists and turns to your advantage to eliminate the enemy team and seize their control point.

  17. tdm_mantic by Wareya
    This place is broken, but not by human hands. Kill and kill to appease the gods. If you kill enough, they might just let you down.

  18. ctf_avanti by Teeferbone and Wareya
    Your financers want intelligence on a backwater town. They say the church practiced black magic. BLU already raided the area, but landslides blocked the road and killed half the convoy. Can RED recover intelligence from BLU before the roads are cleared?

  19. koth_gallery by Heenok
    This famous art gallery will open its doors for a new exhibition tomorrow. The center piece? A statue of pure canadium. Go in and grab it tonight! Deal with any other team of mercenaries who may want it, too. However, I still want to enjoy the exhibition, so try not to smash too many priceless pieces, will you?

  20. ctf_eiger by kildau
    Located in the cold and harsh Alps, this map emphasizes on teamwork and good co-operation. Taking control of the central area will make your team's chances of winning several times higher. Beware of scouts, spies and explosive classes using alternate routes and hard-to-reach places.

Using Custom Maps:

To run a server using custom maps, make a folder called "Maps" in the same path as Gang Garrison 2.exe and place the compiled map file (it will have a ".png" extension) inside. Create a text file with any name, like "maplist.txt", and open gg2.ini. Next to MapRotation= under [Server], type the name of this file.

Open your maplist file and type the name of each map you want to play in order: For instance:


would play ctf_2dfort, a custom map with the filename ctf_mynewmap.png, and then ctf_orange. Then it would play ctf_2dfort again. These names are case sensitive.

Meet The Options Menu:

These options can also be set in gg2.ini before running the game. You can also bring up the menu by pressing 'ESC' in-game.

  • Player Name: Set your visible name in-game. The maximum length is 25 characters.
  • Hosting Port: Set the TCP port clients will connect to if you host a game.
  • Player Limit: Set the number of players, including the host, allowed in your game.
  • Announce to Lobby: Show your server to players in the Lobby. Setting this to off allows you to host a private game for those who know your IP.
  • Fullscreen: Set to On to run in fullscreen. Setting it to off means the game is windowed.
  • Ingame Music: Toggles the ingame music track on and off.
  • Particles: Toggles smoke and explosion effects. Turning this off or using the alternative particles may reduce graphical lag.
  • Gibs: Toggles body parts when a character explodes. Turning this setting down may reduce graphical lag.
  • Healer Radar: Toggles the in-game healer radar HUD for Healers.
  • Show Healing: Toggles healing HUDs for the Healer and players who are being healed.
  • Additional Healthbar: Toggles a floating healthbar above your head in game.
  • Kill Cam: Toggles the killcam when you die. Turn it off if you get angry easily!
  • V Sync: Toggles V Sync. Useful if you notice 'tearing' on your screen during the game.
  • Controls: Change your in-game controls to suit your own taste.

Meet The Gameplay Tips


  • Use paths that no other class can use!
  • Your scattergun does a surprising amount of damage!
  • Keep some ammo saved up in case you need to fight an infiltrator!


  • Use your airblast to push your enemies around!
  • Extinguish your teammates with the airblast if they're on fire!
  • Set a foe on fire and let the afterburn take care of the rest!


  • Your rockets can go through teammates!
  • Rocketjump up to high platforms or to rain rockets from above!
  • Rockets can destroy the detonator's mines with an explosion!


  • Eat a manvich when it's safe, not when there are enemies around!
  • Don't eat a manvich if a healer is waiting to heal you!
  • Remember to retreat if you're taking too much damage!


  • You can detonate your mines in the air; they don't have to 'stick' to a surface to detonate!
  • Your mines deal a maximum of 45 damage each to players, and 50 to buildings.
  • Sticky mines can destroy other detonator's mines with an explosion!
  • Shoot a sticky and detonate it at the same time while pointing down to propel yourself like a Rocketman!


  • You slowly regenerate your health! Dodge well to maximize it!
  • Use your medigun to rapidly heal off afterburn!
  • Use your superburst to get past tight chokepoints!


  • You regenerate Nuts and Bolts slowly, but picking up metal from a destroyed autogun instantly gives you 50! Health cabinets also give you all your Nuts and Bolts back!
  • Autoguns can't shoot straight up, so watch out!
  • Your autogun will default to the direction you aim when you build it, so be careful!


  • The enemy can still hear you jump even if you are cloaked!
  • Your revolver is a lot stronger than it looks! It has a lot of range too!
  • Passive invisibility is always useful!


  • Stay moving in case an infiltrator is eyeing your back!
  • Your scope inhibits movement. Scope out if you need to move around!
  • Pick off enemies at a distance with charged shots, or "railgun" them at close range without scoping for direct combat!

Secret Class:

  • There is no secret class, and you can 'QQ' about it.

Meet The Credits and Information

Information about creating content for the game, creating maps using our editor Garrison Builder, downloading and running custom maps, learning how to play, and much more can be found on the forum at:

Gang Garrison 2

Created By the FAUCET Team

Founders: mrfredman, MedO, Synnah

Programmers: MedO, Cube7 aka Chris P. Bacon, Andrew "cspotcode" Bradley, Vaati, Taimat, Findude, Juicebox360, Jebus_Chris, Leiche, Xeyk, pach, Austin "Psychopath" Benz, L, technoviking, AJF, Alexander "Wareya" Nadeau, Vindicator, NAGN, Orpheon, JaxOf7, Arctic, RebelINS and PrOF

Artists: mrfredman, Fishmatt, BassieEnAdriaan, Timohtep, Elkondo, Waterfall, Skeledude, ZaSpai, Deuce, and Wareya

Composers: Synnah, Scoot, and Elkondo

*Map Creators: * fishmatt, vaati, king metroid, Taters, agh, Faust, Tarzan, BassieEnAdriaan, McGenio, Wherewolf, Wareya, Ozoh, Shawnachu, Teeferbone, Heenok and kildau

With additional art and inspiration provided by the incredible Gang Garrison community!

License: Copyright (C) 2008-2018 Faucet Software

This game is open source under the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If the source code has not been included along with the game, you can download it at

This is a demake of Team Fortress 2 by Valve Software. All likenesses and similarities are intended as a respectful homage.

This game uses the Faucet Networking extension by MedO, which is available under the terms of the ISC license. You can find more information on Faucet Networking at

This game uses the Faucet HTTP extension by ajf, which is available under the terms of the ISC license. You can find more information on Faucet HTTP at

This game uses the Faucet Forwarding Extension, created by NAGN, which wraps libminiupnp. miniupnp is availible under the BSD license: see miniupnp.license for full license. You can find more about Faucet Forwarding at its GitHub Page:

This game uses the 7-zip command line version, available under the LGPL, see 7zip.license for full license. You can find more information on it here:

Readme Changelog
2/7/09 - fishmatt - cleaned everything up for 2.0
5/3/09 - mrfredman - updated things for 2.1
3/20/10 - technoviking - updated things for 2.2
3/16/11 - Psychopath - updated things for 2.3
3/31/11 - Medo - some more updating
10/13/11 - Psychopath - updated things for 2.4
9/12/13 - Wareya - ported to html
9/14/13 - Arctic - fixed inconsistencies
4/10/20 - PrOF - added markdown version


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