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The fonts that this bot currently uses includes:

  • "Art Dystopia" by Art Dystopia
  • "Cenobyte" by Chad Savage
  • "Crucifixion" by Chris Vile
  • "Darkpix" by Juan Casco
  • "Gang Wolfik" by Andrew McCluskey
  • "Guttural" by Meztone
  • "High Voltage" by Tobias Sommer
  • "Metal Lord" by Ray Larabie
  • "Metal Macabre" by Bolt Cutter Design
  • "Pagan Winter" by Roland Huse
  • "Penetration Out" by Luis Jaramillo
  • "PowerDark" by Luis Jaramillo
  • "Squealer" by Ray Larabie
  • "Through Struggle" by LJ-Design Studios
  • "VTKS Rafia" by Douglas Vitkauskas
  • "Wicker Manor" by Andrew McCluskey

They were mostly downloaded from websites such as:

They are licensed as "free for personal use".