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A remastered version of the original DDLC Mod Template based on DDLC itself.
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Welcome to the New Modification Club!

The DDLC Mod Template 2.0 is a Mod Template for Doki Doki Literature Club by GanstaKingofSA that adhere to the Team Salvato IP Guidelines for fan mods.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to set up the template.

  1. Download and run the Ren'Py 6.99.12 SDK. (NOTE: DDLC does not work with .rpyc files generated with other versions of the Ren'Py SDK)
  2. Go to releases to download the latest build of the template.
  3. Place the files in the Ren'Py working directory (default is the renpy- folder).
  4. Download the DDLC files, available for free at or Steam ('Steam/steamapps/common/Doki Doki Literature Club') & drop the audio.rpa, images.rpa, and fonts.rpa files from it into the /game directory. (Do not include the scripts.rpa file, as this will create conflicts.)
  5. Launch the project in Ren'Py. It should compile & run.
  6. Navigate the Ren'Py menu & select "Build Distributions." Check "DDLC Compatible Mod" and build the mod. This will create a cross-platform .ZIP file with files for the mod & installation instructions.

Template Features

  1. Build Packaging! Distribute cross-platform mods with ease thanks to Ren'Py.
  2. Mod Installation Instructions & Guide! Run the game to get a short introduction by Monika!
  3. Splash Screen on First Load. This adheres to the Team Salvato guidelines for creating fan mods of the game.
  4. Remastered RPY's to be exact replicas of DDLC's with explainations.
  5. Customizable! Use this as a starting point for any ideas you wish to create.
  6. Xcode Support! Open this project in Xcode and you can edit, build, and run your mod without opening Ren'Py Launcher ever again!

Note: You need to change your RENPY_TOOL location and the Ren'Py app location in the target scheme for Xcode. Learn more ›

Returned Features

  1. Ghost Menu (Dan's Spooky Easter Egg)
  2. Sayori Kill Script (If you delete Sayori before the game starts a new game, new screen takes over)
  3. Special Poems! (Random Special Poems appear when prompted)
  4. Remastered splash.rpy to be a exact replica of DDLC's Splash Screen and more!
  5. Poem Responses! (Doki's respond to your custom poems!)

Added Features

  1. Terra's In-Depth Poem Game Guide!
  2. Community Driven Tutorial (Coming Soon!)
  3. Xcode Support for Mac OS/OS X!
  4. NVL Support!
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