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@@ -15,15 +15,15 @@ ru:
cant_create_deliverable_on_closed_contract: "Can't create a deliverable on a closed contract"
field_end_date: Дата завершения
- field_executed: Executed
+ field_executed: Выполнен
text_contracts: Контракты
field_id: ID
- field_account_executive: Account Executive
+ field_account_executive: Ответственный за расчеты
field_account_executive_short: "Acct. Mgr."
field_end_date: "Дата завершения"
text_new_contract: "Новый контракт"
text_edit_contract_name: "Редактировать {{name}}"
- field_billable_rate: "Billable Rate"
+ field_billable_rate: "Оплачиваемая сумма"
field_billable_rate_hint: "$"
field_discount: "Скидка"
field_discount_hint: "$, %"
@@ -36,24 +36,24 @@ ru:
text_new_deliverable: New Deliverable
text_edit_deliverable_title: "Редактировать {{title}}"
field_manager: Менеджер
- field_labor: Labor
+ field_labor: Производство
field_overhead: Накладные расходы
field_fixed: Fixed
field_total: Итого
field_feature_sign_off: Feature Sign Off
field_warranty_sign_off: Warranty Sign Off
text_deliverable_finances: Deliverable Finances
text_deliverable_finances_date: "Deliverable Finances - {{date}}"
- text_short_hours: hrs
+ text_short_hours: часов
text_dollar_sign: '$'
field_client_point_of_contact: "Point of Contact"
- field_discount_budget: "Discount"
- field_discount_spent: "Discount"
- field_estimated_hour_budget: "Total Hours"
- field_estimated_hour_spent: "Total Hours"
+ field_discount_budget: "Скидка"
+ field_discount_spent: "Скидка"
+ field_estimated_hour_budget: "Всего часов"
+ field_estimated_hour_spent: "Всего часов"
field_labor_hour_spent: "Labor Hours"
field_overhead_hour_spent: "Overhead Hours"
- field_total_hours: "Total Hours"
+ field_total_hours: "Всего часов"
field_fixed_budget: "Fixed"
field_fixed_spent: "Fixed"
field_labor_budget: "Labor"
@@ -70,15 +70,15 @@ ru:
field_deliverable: "Deliverable"
field_deliverable_plural: "Deliverables"
text_terms_and_financial_overview: "Contract Terms and Financial Overview"
- text_general_legend: "General"
- text_budget_legend: "Budget"
- text_account_legend: "Account Management"
+ text_general_legend: "Основное"
+ text_budget_legend: "Бюджет"
+ text_account_legend: "Управление счетом"
text_deliverable_details_legend: "Deliverable Details"
- text_save_contract: "Save Contract"
+ text_save_contract: "Сохранить контракт"
enumeration_payment_term: "Payment Terms"
field_deliverable_title: "Deliverable"
- field_contract_name: "Contract"
- field_contract: "Contract"
+ field_contract_name: "Контракт"
+ field_contract: "Контракт"
text_start_date_empty: "The start date is empty. If this form is submitted, no budget items will be created."
text_end_date_empty: "The end date is empty. If this form is submitted, no budget items will be created."
text_missing_period: "This deliverable is missing a date range so it cannot have budget items. Please save start and end dates before adding any budget items."
@@ -88,9 +88,9 @@ ru:
text_flash_deliverable_created: "Deliverable: {{name}} was successfully created."
text_flash_deliverable_updated: "Deliverable: {{name}} was successfully updated."
text_flash_deliverable_deleted: "Deliverable: {{name}} was successfully deleted."
- field_budget: Budget
+ field_budget: Бюджет
field_markup: Markup
- field_paid: Paid
+ field_paid: Оплачено
field_spent: Spent
field_profit: Profit
text_error_message_orphaned_time: "There is {{amount}} worth of time clocked to issues that are not assigned to any deliverables."

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