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There's quite a few of them, and I can't help but wonder if they are really needed, because to those of us not on windows the binaries are just useless garbage. It would be better to put them somewhere outside the repository.


Right now we are favouring ease of use over repo size. There are a lot of non-technical people that use Torque 3D and being able to download a single ZIP of the repo is real benefit. We can always review this at a later time and make changes as necessary.

Wouldn't it actually be easier for the non-technical people to be able to download a single zip of the binaries instead of the whole repository (which is useless to them anyway if they don't have any technical knowledge)?


Perhaps some time down the road we can offer a complete Windows package and a complete OSX package for people to download who don't want to have to compile from the sources themselves. These things can come in time as the Steering Committee sees fit.

For now, though, we've started with what is available in the retail version of T3D 1.2, which is mainly a Windows game engine. I wouldn't expect us to always remain this way...

@DavidWyand-GG It would be good to make sure those binaries are Wine compatible, and then the only difference with OSX is ObjC.


Well, feel free to give it a go yourself and report back!

Thank you.

[Forked with binaries.]


The Toolbox and all game binaries have been removed from the development branch. We will be releasing a complete package you may download from the Downloads section for the next release.

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