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Fix net tests #1904

merged 3 commits into from Jan 7, 2017
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Net tests were failing to compile because 'static members' weren't ac…

…tually being declared as members...
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elfprince13 committed Jan 5, 2017
commit 32f726dcc6727bcba04b5e30e571bdf63b1fbc3c
@@ -491,11 +491,10 @@ template<class T> T ReservedSocketList<T>::resolve(NetSocket socketToResolve)
EntryType &entry = mSocketList[socketToResolve.getHandle()];
return entry.used ? entry.value : -1;
static ConnectionNotifyEvent* smConnectionNotify = NULL;
static ConnectionAcceptedEvent* smConnectionAccept = NULL;
static ConnectionReceiveEvent* smConnectionReceive = NULL;
static PacketReceiveEvent* smPacketReceive = NULL;
ConnectionNotifyEvent* Net::smConnectionNotify = NULL;
ConnectionAcceptedEvent* Net::smConnectionAccept = NULL;
ConnectionReceiveEvent* Net::smConnectionReceive = NULL;
PacketReceiveEvent* Net::smPacketReceive = NULL;
ConnectionNotifyEvent& Net::getConnectionNotifyEvent()
@@ -214,6 +214,12 @@ struct Net
static bool smMulticastEnabled;
static bool smIpv4Enabled;
static bool smIpv6Enabled;
static ConnectionNotifyEvent* smConnectionNotify;
static ConnectionAcceptedEvent* smConnectionAccept;
static ConnectionReceiveEvent* smConnectionReceive;
static PacketReceiveEvent* smPacketReceive;
static bool init();
static void shutdown();
@@ -76,17 +76,17 @@ TEST(Net, TCPRequest)
handler.mDataReceived = 0;
// Hook into the signals.
Net::smConnectionNotify .notify(&handler, &TcpHandle::notify);
Net::smConnectionReceive.notify(&handler, &TcpHandle::receive);
Net::smConnectionNotify ->notify(&handler, &TcpHandle::notify);
Net::smConnectionReceive->notify(&handler, &TcpHandle::receive);
// Open a TCP connection to
handler.mSocket = Net::openConnectTo("");
const U32 limit = Platform::getRealMilliseconds() + (5*1000);
while(Process::processEvents() && (Platform::getRealMilliseconds() < limit) ) {}
// Unhook from the signals.
Net::smConnectionNotify .remove(&handler, &TcpHandle::notify);
Net::smConnectionReceive.remove(&handler, &TcpHandle::receive);
Net::smConnectionNotify ->remove(&handler, &TcpHandle::notify);
Net::smConnectionReceive->remove(&handler, &TcpHandle::receive);
EXPECT_GT(handler.mDataReceived, 0)
<< "Didn't get any data back!";
@@ -139,8 +139,8 @@ struct JournalHandle
mDataReceived = 0;
// Hook into the signals.
Net::smConnectionNotify .notify(this, &JournalHandle::notify);
Net::smConnectionReceive.notify(this, &JournalHandle::receive);
Net::smConnectionNotify ->notify(this, &JournalHandle::notify);
Net::smConnectionReceive->notify(this, &JournalHandle::receive);
// Open a TCP connection to
mSocket = Net::openConnectTo("");
@@ -149,8 +149,8 @@ struct JournalHandle
while(Process::processEvents()) {}
// Unhook from the signals.
Net::smConnectionNotify .remove(this, &JournalHandle::notify);
Net::smConnectionReceive.remove(this, &JournalHandle::receive);
Net::smConnectionNotify ->remove(this, &JournalHandle::notify);
Net::smConnectionReceive->remove(this, &JournalHandle::receive);
EXPECT_GT(mDataReceived, 0)
<< "Didn't get any data back!";
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