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GuiObjectView control wrong transform #27

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mquaker commented Sep 25, 2012

object rendering transform problem in guiobjectview control.
missed some code when engine update.

@mquaker mquaker closed this Sep 25, 2012
@mquaker mquaker reopened this Sep 29, 2012
GarageGames member

Could you please elaborate as to what this fixes? A description of how the GuiObjectView control works before the fix, and how it should now work with your fix. I need to be able to reproduce the bug and verify the fix.



"how the GuiObjectView control works before the fix, and how it should now work with your fix."

he is talking about this bug fixes:


above fix was reported to decrese fps

i just notiched this one:

short and no reported side effect.i did not get chance to test it.nor will be able until 5th november.

but i think last one will be better solution.

mquaker added some commits Oct 24, 2012
@mquaker mquaker Update Engine/source/T3D/guiObjectView.cpp 875e33d
@mquaker mquaker rollback code
before fix have render size problem each execute client.
GarageGames member

Before we can accept any changes to the repositories we'll need you to sign the Open Source Software Agreement. We've outlined the steps in the wiki: Contributing Page Please follow those steps and let me know when you're done. Thanks!

It would also be great if you could answer my question above. I know @muzaheed57 has stepped in to help out, but it would be great to hear from you. Thanks!

mquaker commented Nov 7, 2012

i Review the Open Source Sotware Agreement on that page and fill in the required fields and fill GitHub Account update ans Save done.


Closing this pull request since after discussion it was felt to not be the best overall solution to the problem at hand. Issue #199 was opened to present the background for a more proper solution.

@thecelloman thecelloman closed this Jan 9, 2013
@Azaezel Azaezel added a commit to Azaezel/Torque3D that referenced this pull request Jan 23, 2014
@Azaezel Azaezel dependency version rollback for dev_linux_opengl project manager issue 9dd3003
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