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Inspired by Charles Fusner's update to James Jacoby's original resource. These changes allow Vehicles to automatically centre their steering based on their current velocity. It makes vehicle handling much more realistic - and easier, especially with keyboard steering!

Recommended datablock settings for the Cheetah with this patch:

powerSteering = true;
steeringReturn = 1;
steeringReturnSpeedScale = 0.5;
crabmusket added some commits Oct 2, 2012
@crabmusket crabmusket Added steering centre members to VehicleData.
steeringReturn is the main control for the amount of return in
the steering. Setting it to 0 (the default) disables steering return

steeringReturnSpeedScale is a multiplier on the amount of effect that
the vehicle's velocity has on its steering return.

powerSteering can be set to eliminate the effect of steering return on
user input. Without this flag set, the user will have a harder time
steering, because the wheels try to return as they steer. If this flag
is set, steering return will not be applied while the user is actually
steering, only when they release.
@crabmusket crabmusket Added steering return to Vehicle.
It happens in Vehicle::updateMove so it can apply to all vehicle
subclasses. It is applied to both x and y steering.
@crabmusket crabmusket Fixed stream read/write mismatch bug.
It was causing Vehicles to roll forwards with a constant velocity when
stationary, and ignore move->y.

How do issues get labeled? Does someone have to come along and do them manually, or can we tag our own pull requests?


I went through them manually from the Issues screen. GitHub doesn't seem to let you do it from the Pull Request itself. And feel free to tag your own requests.


I can't seem to find a way to apply labels to issues. I may just be being dumb.


No, it's not you. It looks like only a repo owner may change the labels for an issue. So you won't be able to label your issues after all.


Before we can accept any changes to the repositories we'll need you to sign the Open Source Software Agreement. We've outlined the steps in the wiki: Contributing Page Please follow those steps and let me know when you're done. Thanks!


Way ahead of you ;).


Nice addition -- it really makes a difference!

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