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Screeps Autocomplete

The purpose of this is to add screeps autocomplete to IDEs by creating a definition from the documents. People can then add this project as a library in their IDE, and their IDE should be able to start autocompleting their code. Tested somewhat in JetBrain's WebStorm

How to Install

Webstorm (Or Other Jetbrains IDE's)

This can be done by quite simply copying the ScreepsAutocomplete folder in their project, and Webstorm should automatically detect it and add it to the autocompletion

Adding it as a library

Instead of copying the ScreepsAutocomplete folder to each and every project folder, you can add it as a global library.

  • Create a new project in Webstorm if you don't already have one and open it.
  • In the menu bar at the top of the screen, navigate to File -> Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> JavaScript -> Libraries
  • Click Add.
  • Name the Library whatever you want.
  • Set Framework type to custom, if it is not already so. Version can be left blank.
  • Change Visibility to Global.
  • Click the green plus sign to the right of the listbox below Visibility, then choose "Attach Directories...".
  • Navigate to the ScreepsAutocomplete folder, select the folder itself and click OK.
  • Click OK at the bottom of the "Edit Library" dialog.
  • Click the Enabled checkbox on the library you just created, make sure it's checked before continuing.
  • Click OK at the bottom of the "Settings" dialog.

Webstorm should automatically detect the library and add it to the autocompletion.

Visual Studio

  1. Create a new empty web site (File -> New -> Web Site -> ASP.NET Empty Web Site) and set the location to the location of your program.
  2. Copy the ScreepsAutocomplete folder into your project and create a new file called _references.js (right click in solution explorer -> Add New Item -> _references.js).
  3. Right click within the empty file and select Update JavaScript References which will populate the file and make autocomplete avaliable.


Sublime Text

There are two ways to enable Autocomplete in Sublime Text, both of them require installing a plugin through Package Control, and copying ScreepsAutocomplete in to your project.

  • TernJS - Install TernJS through Package Control, restart Sublime Text and try var room = new Room(); room.lookAt(x, y) to see if Autocomplete is working. If not, try the next options

  • SublimeCodeIntel - Install SublimeCodeIntel through Package Control. Go to Preferences > Package Settings > SublimeCodeIntel > Settings -- User and copy the contents of ScreepsAutocomplete/config/SublimeCodeIntel.json in to the file that opens. Save and restart Sublime Text. After waiting for CodeIntel to process JavaScript, Autocomplete should be working


Integration with Atom is done through use of the atom-ternjs package. Here's the steps

  • Copy ScreepsAutocomplete in to your project folder
  • Install the atom-ternjs package
  • Put the following in your .tern-project file
  "ecmaVersion": 6,
  "libs": [],
  "loadEagerly": [
  • Restart and Enjoy