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Generate a initial structure of Symfony2 project
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symfony2project generate:project AppName VendorName Path [--controller="..."] [--protocol="..."]
[--session-start] [--session-name="..."] [--orm="..."] [--odm="..."] [--assetic] [--swiftmailer]
[--doctrine-migration] [--doctrine-fixtures] [--template-engine="..."] [--profile="..."]
[--assets-symlink] [--force-delete]


AppName                : application name (mandatory)
VendorName             : vendor name (mandatory)
Path                   : directory name (path)


--controller           : Your first controller name (default: Main)
--protocol             : git or http (default: git)
--session-start        : To start session automatically
--session-name         : Session name (default: symfony)
--orm                  : doctrine or propel
--odm                  : mongodb or mandango
--assetic              : Enable assetic
--swiftmailer          : Enable swiftmailer
--doctrine-migration   : Enable doctrine migration
--doctrine-fixtures    : Enable doctrine fixtures
--template-engine      : twig or php (default: twig)
--profile              : Profile name (default: default) or http url
--assets-symlink       : Symlink for web assets
--force-delete         : Force re-generation of project


Before execute this command, copy the file Resources/Profile/default.xml.dist
to Resources/Profile/default.xml

if you would like to personalize, open this file, modify or add some parameters.

You can also create new profile, copy the file default.xml.dist, rename (ex: foo.xml) and use --profile=foo on command line.

http server example: http://myserver/profile/default (not with xml)

Note: only tested on unix system.

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