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This app exports all your notes from the notes app (or better the internal database) to a text file with tabulator seperated fields.
This file is saved in the usb partition and can be send as attachement per E-Mail (from the app menu).
It should be easy to import that file to Excel. This way one can backup and/or export all the notes from the device and keep them, even if webos goes down or the palm backup server dies someday.
Currently you manually have to run
luna-send -a -n 1 palm://com.palm.db/putPermissions '{"permissions": [{"type": "db.kind", "object": "com.palm.note:1", "caller": "info.mobo.exportnotes.service", "operations": {"read":"allow"}}, {"type": "db.kind", "object": "com.palm.note:1", "caller": "info.mobo.exportnotes.service", "operations": {"read": "allow"}}]}'
from a root-terminal on the device. This is to set permissions so the service is allowed to read from the database!
I will try to find a way to automate this step, but until now, I was not successful. :-(
Just press "Do Export" and wait for the spinner to stop spinning and the message "All went well".
If you get a "Permission denied"-Error, please execute the command line from above.
After that hook up the device to an USB port and copy the created file or use "Mail notes"
from the app menu and e-mail the notes to yourself.
You can change the filename in the text editfield. But there is no real reason to do so.
If the service locks up, you'll have close the app and wait a minute or you can try "Reset service" from the app menu.
1.0.0 (2012-10-07)
- initial release (based on Export Messages app).
Pull requests are welcome! :)
Released under MIT license.