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Icecast streaming VST
C C++
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ShoutVST is a VST that enables streaming sound into Icecast directly from VST hosts, ideal for streaming live performances directly from applications like Traktor or Ableton without the use of loopback methods.


Just copy the .dll into your VST plugin direcory - your host application should be able to recognize it immediately. Open the plugin GUI to edit the options.

Get the Icecast server from to enable streaming.

The VST supports both OGG and MP3 encoding - for MP3 to be available, copy lame_enc.dll (e.g. from ) in your VST directory.

Current todos

  • Automatic update of mount file extension when switching encoder.
  • Save / Load settings from project file
  • Reset to default settings


  • Some more encoding options (i.e. anything else than VBR)
  • Output volume setting (both for the stream and as a VST output)
  • MacOSX / Linux version - I'm willing to have amends to the source if someone helps me out.
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