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(also known as "The reason you are reading this is because
you don't have your priorities right"-file.)
1. Wuhu comes with no obligations from the side of its creators.
We won't add features unless they're a really good idea, even
if your party's success depends on it. (Because it doesn't.)
2. The creators of Wuhu take no responsibility over any damage
you cause with it. (Yes, you.)
In other words, if your party sucks, you might want to look
somewhere else for blame.
3. Wuhu is free, as in beer. We don't ask for free entrance to
parties that use Wuhu, nor any compensation, nothing.
It would be nice, however, if you could notify us about the
use of our stuff.
4. Please don't make mutated versions of it, and/or if you have
something you hacked in and it doesn't smell too bad of
WTF, contact us and we'll try to integrate it with credits included.
5. Wuhu remains our copyright. Just so you know.
OptimusPrinceps example font courtesy of Manfred Klein.
OpenSSL Toolkit libraries courtesy of The OpenSSL Project.
Prototype JS library courtesy of Prototype Core Team
Adminer courtesy of Jakub Vrana
Reveal.js courtesy of Hakim El Hattab