Baron is a WebRTC-based IM for the browser
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Baron is a WebRTC-based web application that allows people to have peer-to-peer text, audio and video conversations with permanent accounts and contact lists.

The back-end is written in JavaScript (Node.js), the signaling channel uses The front-end is written in Ember.js. Authentication is done using Mozilla Persona.

Currently a work in progress.


Some configuration is stored in environmental variables. Database-related configuration is stored in the database.json file in the root of the application. Here is an overview:

  • BARON_SECRET - no default, cookie secret
  • BARON_PORT - 3000 by default, port under which NodeJS is run
  • BARON_AUDIENCE - Address of publically accessible website (required for Mozilla Persona verification)
  • BARON_SOCKET_AUDIENCE - Address of publically accessible instance, fallback to BARON_AUDIENCE
  • BARON_ENV - database environment to use, default is dev

The database.json file ought to look like this:

  "dev": {
    "driver": "pg",
    "user": "baron",
    "password": "some-password",
    "host": "",
    "database": "baron"


We are using ember-tools to generate Ember modules and compile them into the final JavaScript file. You'll need to install ember-tools:

npm install -g ember-tools

And whenever you want to make changes to the front-end, you can run this:

ember build -w

to watch the front-end files for changes and rebuild automatically. See the ember-tools documentation for more information.