A Gosu implementation for Android devices, undergraduate project
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A Gosu implementation for Android devices.


Install ruboto and create a project.


With this installation method you will have a clean enviroment (bundler) to make your gosu games.

  • Create a file named Gemfile.apk in your ruboto project and add the lines:
source "http://rubygems.org"
gem 'gosu_android'


With this installation method you will have a dirty enviroment (simple file copy) to try the samples.

  • gem install gosu_android

  • As with ruboto, place yourself in the root directory of your app.

  • Then execute gosu_android -a or gosu_android --add to automatically copy every gosu_android file to your ruboto project. It will also copy all the media files that are use in gosu_android examples.

General Information

  • This is still an early effort, so there are a number of features that had not yet been added.
  • There are some known bugs that I hope to fix soon.
  • In its current status there are some small changes to Gosu Window initialization, check examples with many comments in the wiki.


Current state

Develoment on the engine has stopped until further notice.