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Quantify lipids using a feature table and internal standards table
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LipidMatch Normalizer

Open source solution for quantification of lipids. Can be easily used with LipidMatch software.

For detailed instructions on getting started:

Please see the video tutorial for help: See tutorial 10 in the following LipidMatch tutorial series:

How to download LipidMatch Normalizer

Want to download the latest version? Click "release" in the lower menu then click 'zip' to download the version you want!

Want to report a bug?

Use the issues tab at the top of the page to open a new issue. The developers will respond to your question in a timely manner. If they discover that the issue is a bug for LipidMatch Quant, they will try to issue a patch to fix the problem. Otherwise, they will try to instruct you how to best avoid the error in the future.

Want to contribute to our project?

Start by creating a Github profile! Then fork the Github project to your local computer. We recommend R Studio for coding but you can use anything you like. When you have completed the modifications, submit a pull request to the project and the developers will review it.

Check out the UF SECIM webpage here:

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