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Crema aims to provide a place you can use not only as a reference for making or talking about coffee - but a place where you can check out the best local roasters, and hear curated playlists based on your individual tastes.
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Initial Planning

My idea for Crema (Project #4 for my WDI course), came about when I realized I wanted 
to create something having to do with coffee.

User Stories:

“I'm an avid coffee drinker, but I have yet to really branch out from starbucks and instant coffee.“

“I have a taste for good coffee, but I don't really know the different regions that it comes from. “

“I want a one stop shop for help making coffee with the most popular brewing methods.”

"I love to listen to good music while I drink my coffee on a lazy day off. I just don't know what to listen to."

Technologies Used:

Express JWT
React Compound Timer
Cloudinary Storage

Styling and UX:

I wanted to keep the aesthetic of Crema really minimal and clean. Keeping my palette 
limited to mostly shades of black and white - it isn't too busy and I feel it retains 
some modernity.

Data and APIs

At time of writing - I'm only utilizing the Yelp Fusion API, and the Cloudinary 
API. The coffee production data used came from the ICO. 

The ICO data set reached back as far as the early 1980's, so to keep it concise, 
I had to do a fair amount of filtering before I could save anything to my DB, 
or render it to the page. I decided to stick with data from the past five years.



The Yelp Fusion API made it extremely easy to look up roasteries in a users logged in location. 
Since the user has logged in their location, there is no need for them to type any specific query - 
I've hardcoded 'coffee roasteries' into the search already.


Extra Functionality

My partner, who has worked in the coffee industry for 
some time, mentioned how nice it would be to have specific 
timers that the user can use when they want to implement 
the directions laid out for specific brewing methods. After 
messing around with a few different libraries, as well as 
writing my own timers - I found React-Compound-Timer, which 
was perfect for what I wanted to do. It very easily enabled
me to write my own alerts at certain intervals - adding a
nice element to an otherwise boring feature. For each brew
method - the timer will output the current step in the brew
process as it's required from the start time.





On Sunday 4/13, I started to sketch out and plan what I thought I'd need to do. Of course, these things changed and evolved over the course of the project - but by and large I was able to stay on my original course.


I tried to keep mobile in mind as much as possible throughout the styling of Crema. I wanted all of the features to fully come across on all platforms. I think I still have some tweaking to do, but it's most of the way there.

Next Steps

I'd like to fully incorporate Spotify into Crema as soon as possible. The Spotify OAuth was a bit more than I could deal with for such a short window, but that will certainly be high on the list of things to add soon. I'd like for users to be able to save playlists, share created playlists associated with certain coffees & moods.

I would also like to add a bit more user interactivity to this project. Ability to send messages (or chat), recommendations (music & coffee), etc.


Thanks for checking it out!

My Website


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