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APE JavaScript Library is a Framework for building widgets
Supports standards mode HTML DOM, not quirks.
Code Guidelines:
* Unit Test your code.
* Validate the Unit Test HTML.
* Use spaces (four) not tabs.
Tested Browsers:
- Safari 2.0.4 up, mac/win, iPhone
- Gecko (Firefox 2, 3, 3.5, Seamonkey, Fennec)
- IE 6 up
- Opera 9.5 up
- Chrome 2 up
Other browsers:
Safari 2.0.4 has many test failures due to limitation in YUI Test's UserAction (pageX).
Many tests will unofficially pass in Safari 2.0, and IE 5.5. Blackberry9000 support is
desirable, where possible, though the test runner needs reengineering to better support
Code reviews: Click "Commits" and add your comments.
Code contributions: Create a Fork of APE using the Fork button
When you're done, click "Pull Request".
Download ANT (
Modify build.xml to point to directory on your drive or use
a .properties file to specify own properties for build.xml.
Build Targets:
* js.rollups - builds the rollups to the build directory
* js.minify - builds rollups then minifies to *-min.js
* deploy - deploys to your Tomcat (or other webserver).
* deploy copy - just a fast copy, does not include -min files.
Deploying to server is necessary for testing AsyncRequest or anything
else that may involve server communication.
Tests are located under /test/tests/. File suite.html contains
test suites for the entire APE library.