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The open-source, cross-platform level editor for id Tech based games.

NetRadiant-custom is a fork of NetRadiant (GtkRadiant 1.4→massive rewrite→1.5→NetRadiant→this)



Ready-to-use packages are available in the Releases section.

Supported games

Main focus is on Quake, Quake3 and Quake Live.

Though other normally supported games should work too; See unverified game configs.


Development is focused on smoothing and tweaking editing process.

Random feature highlights

  • WASD camera binds
  • Fully supported editing in 3D view (brush and entity creation, all manipulating tools)
  • Uniform merge algorithm, merging selected brushes, components and clipper points
  • Free and robust vertex editing, also providing abilities to remove and insert vertices
  • UV Tool (edits texture alignment of selected face or patch)
  • Autocaulk
  • Left mouse button click tunnel selector, paint selector
  • Numerous mouse shortcuts (see help->General->Mouse Shortcuts)
  • Focus camera on selected (Tab)
  • Snapped modes of manipulators
  • Draggable renderable transform origin for manipulators
  • Quick vertices drag / brush faces shear shortcut
  • Simple shader editor
  • Texture painting by drag
  • Seamless brush face to face texture paste
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Customizable GUI themes, fonts
  • MeshTex plugin
  • Patch thicken
  • All patch prefabs are created aligned to active projection
  • Filters toolbar with extra functions on right mouse button click
  • Viewports zoom in to mouse pointer
  • 'all Supported formats' default option in open dialogs
  • Opening *.map, sent via cmd line (can assign *.map files in OS to be opened with radiant)
  • Texture browser: show alpha transparency option
  • Texture browser: gtk search in directories and tags trees
  • Texture browser: search in currently shown textures
  • CSG Tool (aka shell modifier)
  • Working region compilations (build a map with region enabled = compile regioned part only)
  • QE tool in a component mode: perform drag w/o hitting any handle too
  • Map info dialog: + Total patches, Ingame entities, Group entities, Ingame group entities counts
  • Connected entities selector/walker
  • Build->customize: list available build variables
  • 50x faster light radius rendering
  • Light power is adjustable by mouse drag
  • Anisotropic textures filtering
  • Optional MSAA in viewports
  • New very fast entity names rendering system
  • Support 'stupid quake bug'
  • Arbitrary texture projections for brushes and curves
  • Fully working texture lock, supporting any affine transformation
  • Texture locking during vertex and edge manipulations
  • Brush resize (QE tool): reduce selected faces amount to most wanted ones
  • Support brush formats, as toggleable preference: Axial projection, Brush primitives, Valve 220
  • Autodetect brush type on map opening
  • Automatic AP, BP and Valve220 brush types conversion on map Import and Paste
  • New bbox styled manipulator, allowing any affine transform (move, rotate, scale, skew)
  • Incredible number of fixes and options


  • Allowed simultaneous samples+filter use, makes sense
  • -vertexscale
  • -novertex works, (0..1) sets globally
  • Fixed _clone _ins _instance (_clonename) functionality
  • -nolm - no lightmaps
  • -bouncecolorratio 0..1 (ratio of colorizing light sample by texture)
  • q3map_remapshader remaps anything fine, on all stages
  • Fixed model autoclip, added 20 new modes
  • Automatic map packager (complete Q3 support)
  • -brightness 0..alot, def 1: mimics q3map_lightmapBrightness, but globally + affects vertexlight
  • -contrast -255..255, def 0: lighting contrast
  • Report full / full pk3 path on file syntax errors
  • New area lights backsplash algorithm (utilizing area lights instead of point ones)
  • -backsplash (float)scale (float)distance: adjust area lights globally (real area lights have no backsplash)
  • New slightly less careful, but much faster lightmaps packing algorithm (allocating... process)
  • Valve220 mapformat autodetection and support
  • Correct .obj and .mtl loading
  • Guessing model shaders paths
see changelog-custom.txt for more