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NOTE: This release may be backward incompatible with 1.2.1, i.e. reverting back to an older version can be problematic. I recommend that you backup your persistent.sfs file before running the game. After updating, load every crewed vessel once to update data.

  • Overhauled: Merged conditions and events systems. Health conditions can now appear, disappear or change based on chance and various factors
  • Added: Conditions for injuries, food poisoning, panic attacks and more
  • Added: Health environment sensors allow you to see amount of magnetosphere shielding and/or cosmic radiation level before sending kerbals. The sensors are built into corresponding parts in certain mods (currently DMOS and KSP-IE) or, if you don't have those, advanced probe cores
  • Added: Location column in Health Monitor; kerbals can now be sorted either alphabetically or by their location (default)
  • Added: Supplies and Mulch parts in USI-LS provide a small amount of radiation Shielding
  • Added: Better support for Tantares, Extraplanetary Launchpads, Near Future Technologies, RLA Reborn
  • Changed: Radiation settings rebalanced to more realistic values. Nominal levels of radiation significantly increased (especially in low orbit), but their health effect lowered 2.5 times. All artificial radiation provided by parts was updated too
  • Changed: Crowded health factor renamed to Confinement; Sickness factor renamed to Conditions
  • Changed: Conditions settings merged with Quirks settings
  • Changed: SSPXR support patch is now included in Kerbal Health instead of being bundled with SSPXR
  • Fixed: 'title' key for health modules didn't work for custom parts
  • Performance improvements and fixes for potential issues
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